Monday, February 9, 2009

Progress of Belle Aventure

The two-year refit and refastening of Belle Aventure is less than three months from completion. The enormous task of refastening is 95% finished. The keel rabbet and stern post are left to be fastened.

The hull topside is being faired and the final coats of primer are being added.

The interior joinery (woodwork and cabinetry) in the cabins is near completion except for the paint and varnish.

A new engine bed for the new engine was built along with the cabin soles in all three heads and the shower drains, which have been rebuilt. Both the mechanical and electrical systems are in their final stages.

Nat Wilson is in the process of finishing the sails. The three new jibs and mizzen are completed with only the mainsail still to be sewn.

For the launching, we will wait for a very high tide in April.

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