Monday, May 23, 2011

Visit from the Governor

Governor LePage visited Boothbay Harbor Shipyard on Friday afternoon.  The shipyard employees discussed topics that are important  and challenging to Maine shipyards and small businesses in Maine.  They toured the LIBERATOR to see the recent reconstruction on her bow and took a quick tour of the remaining buildings at the shipyard.  It is always a good thing when the representatives of our government, whom are employed by the people of Maine, visit the businesses and people they are governing.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shutter Plank and New Stem on LIBERATOR

The Shutter Plank (final plank) was secured to the Liberator hull, on a beautiful, cool, crystal clear afternoon here at BBHS. The new stem and the hull planking are a magnificent sight. The new bow hull has two layers of planking, the inside and outside. After filling the fastening holes with bungs, the ship will be primed and then painted. It always seems sad to see that gorgeous wood covered up with paint in order to protect it from the environment.

Sometime pictures are worth more than words. Therefore, enjoy a bit of the process of reconstructing the stem and planking of the Liberator bow.