Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Visit from EASTWIND

The beautiful schooner Eastwind is on the small rail for her seasonal maintenance. The Smith family has been busy scraping and sanding the bottom to prepare for the upcoming summer season in Boothbay Harbor.   A two-hour voyage aboard, Schooner Eastwind,  gives you time to relax and see the Maine coastline.

The owners are Tom and Jennifer Smith.  Tom is the eldest son of Herb and Doris Smith.  Tom and Jennifer wanted to keep their last schooner in the family so they bought the business.  Herb and Doris captain and crew five days a week in the summer and Doris helps with maintenance in the Spring but otherwise they are enjoying having some time off. 

Herb and Doris Smith have sailed around the world twice with their three children on the schooners they built by hand. After the Smith's built five Appledore schooners, they built Eastwind, a sister ship of the Appledores.   Appledore IV and  Appledore V are currently both ASTA ships.

 Along with these voyages they wrote two books that are available on Amazon, Sailing Three Oceans and Dreams of Natural Places.  A current version of Sailing Three Oceans that includes a section on the building and sailing of Eastwind can be purchased through the Smith's. When you come to Boothbay Harbor this summer make sure you save a couple of hours to explore the harbor on Eastwind and see lighthouses, fabulous Maine islands, and local lobster fishermen.