Friday, May 23, 2008

Belle Aventure Spends a Winter with Us in Boothbay Harbor

There are 100 Fifes still in existence and only about fifty are still sailing. At the end of last year, Belle Aventure became the first Fife to grace our completely redesigned and environmentally
controlled large yacht facility. Designed and built by William Fife and Sons in Scotland, this classic spent a Maine winter having her hull and support systems reviewed and upgraded.
The next phase of this project will include the complete refastening of her hull planking. Her actual fastenings are not screws but rivets which measure 7/16ths by 7" and the heads are
peened over on the inside of the vessel.

Our crews will exercise great care when removing the furniture and fixtures required to get to each of these 5,000 1929 naval brass rivets.
Details both great and small will allow this pedigree yacht to return to yet another series of global sea adventures.

Watch the VIDEO on the upgrade of
Belle Aventure at Boothbay Harbor Shipyard.