Friday, June 3, 2011

Seasonal Maintainence for Harbor Boats

Spring is in full bloom here at Boothbay Harbor.  The harbor boats are arriving for their spring maintenance as summer approaches.  Pink Lady II from Cap'n Fish's Whale Watch was pulled on the small railway this month for maintenance.  Soon Pink Lady II will be off with guests to hunt for the many species of whales with a computer guidance system.

Balmy Days, a harbor boat, which specializes in taking visitors to the amazing island of Monhegan, was on the rails for spring  maintenance  to prepare it for the busy tourist season in Boothbay Harbor.  

The latest visitor to the shipyard for maintenance is Sherman Zwicker.  Sherman Zwicker is the last remaining auxiliary fishing schooner and has all of its main original features still intact and operational.  Originally a Grand Banks fishing boat, the Sherman Zwicker can often be seen at the Tall Ship Parades. 

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