Sunday, November 14, 2010

Solo Sailors Sailing the Seas

The Ultimate Solo Challenge began on October 13, which is divided into five sprints that together will circumvent the world.  There are five yachts and solo sailors in this years race.  Brad Van Liew is the leader in the first sprint, which started in France then around Spain, south, almost off the coast of South America and then back to the southern tip of Africa.  The first sprint ends in November at Capetown, South Africa.
Solo Captains and their Yachts
Not only is this an amazing race but the internet media coverage is fantastic.  On their website is a google map of the day to day movement of each of the sailboats.  There are interviews and updates from the captains of each boat taken from stationary video cameras mounted in their cabins.  Don't you love it when technology makes those adrenaline sports even more exciting!
Leader American Brad Van Liew

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