Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Service Provided: Cathodic Protection

Cathodic protection is one of the most effective ways of reducing or eliminating the corrosion damage that invariably affects metals that are in contact with sea water.

Metal hulls, rudders, propellers, stabiliser fins, ballast tanks, water tanks are all areas that need protection. Paint provides only minimal protection from the corrosion of metal.

On the right is the famous ship the Cutty Sark. Below the ship is one example of corrosion damage, rust flaking off a stringer plate behind the figureheads on the Cutty Sark.

Boothbay Harbor Shipyard has expanded the scope of services to our customers to include the ability to perform an electrical signature analysis of metal hulls. This tool helps identify the risks of structural and mechanical corrosion.

This pier side activity begins with all onboard systems shut down and the placement of a submerged device adjacent to the hull. Starting with quality issues related to shore power, a multi-input data logging system documents the results of activating the entire range of onboard systems.

The analysis and interpretation of these results allows for a cathodic protection plan to be customized for each vessel. Correcting these risks not only protects the longevity of the hull but can extend the life of mechanical and electrical components.

It is recommended that a new analysis be performed at the conclusion of any major change in electrical related components. New equipment has the potential to create additional cathodic risks.

When the yacht is going to be harbored for an extended period of time, additional data logging can provide indication of risks based on the electrical signature found in that particular location.

An inventory and specifications of onboard systems and equipment is required to be able to provide a price quotation for this service.

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