Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympic Sailing Begins

Feeling the wind in your hair and breeze on your face on a massive smooth sailing schooner is one of the most magnificent feelings of the summer in Maine. Of course, there are those that would agree with the wind and breeze, but differ by saying, they like the sleek lines that allow for that need for speed, especially with the 2008 Summer Olympics starting today in Beijing.

A total of 400 athletes with 272 boats from 62 countries and regions compete in 11 events of nine classes of the sailing regatta. The events last from August 9 to 23.

Representatives from all teams marched on the stage and displayed their flags at the Olympic Sailing Center Themed Park, where the launching ceremony of the Olympic sailing regatta was held on Friday, August 8. You can follow the races here with the International Sailing Federation or the Olympic site with more dates and results.

Fifteen boats from Yngling class and 26 boats from Finn class finished two races on the opening day of the sailing regatta on Saturday afternoon. Watch a VIDEO of the Yngling in action.

The first race of the 2008 Summer Olympics started with the Ynling Fleet. Sarah Ayton, Sarah Webb and Pippa Wilson from Great Britain, lived up to their billing as favorites with a second and third place finish in Saturday's two opening races putting them in the overall lead.

On Sunday, the 49er fleet begins its races. It will be a tough one, with a great depth of ability so the winners could come from amongst many of the teams. In the right conditions, the races are short and quick and can be very physical for the crews.

Sitting comfortably in our state-of-the-art newly renovated 6,000-sf climate controlled service bay is a member of the famous Fife family, Belle Aventure with her sleek lines. Fife yachts have competed in races worldwide including the America’s Cup Races (started in 1851), which predates the Modern Olympics (1896) by 45 years.

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